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Annika Urm Blog: Mt. Mang Mt. Wudang mountains conquering and Business meetings in China VOL. 3

China March 2018 Mt. Mang Mt. Wudang mountains and Business meetings in China

Veiko Huuse and I were invited to spend a week in China in early spring 2018. We have some business partners there and they were quite insistent when extending us the invitation. –And, I was also quite excited by this new experience.

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On the day 4, we were in Changzhou city and Went to the Mt. Mang mountain for a little climbing… of 1700mts… Good exercise.

In this mountain city, I had my best breakfast in China and I find it all by myself, a miraculous Steam Egg Omelette. It was just so delicious and healthy.

I was surprised at how many possible opportunities and ways of making easily tasty and healthy food they find in China.

During the night we travelled by train to Shiyan City to spend the next day to the Mt. Wudang and visit the monastery.

Veiko and I took the chance to add our lock to the Monk Temple as a symbol of our partnership in every way, celebrating our 7-year anniversary. Our celebration continued in South Korea with Woman’s day and our 1-year anniversary with the cryptocurrency project.
5th day

After the temple, we went to a free trade zone that just by itself is the reason and centre of the whole city!

We had a business meeting with Mr. Gong, General Manager And Mr. Li, who is the biggest shareholder of the Shiyan Linan International Trade Logistics City of China.

They showed us around and we talked about the business in China and investments opportunities inside and outside the country resulting in a very interesting meeting.

After this, we had again great dinner and of course, men need to challenge each other with Rice Vodka. This was fun 🙂

There are so many people everywhere in China. There are 1.3 billion people in total, and indeed, this is quite visible in every train station, subway, buses, and taxis. The place is simply crowded with people wherever you look you see masses.

There are 12 wagons on the train to the middle of China, and all seats are sold out 3 times a day. People are moving all the time 24/7 and in large masses. If you don’t walk with the mass, then they just walk over you.

In China, you realize that business is going well everywhere because you just see so many queues. For Example at The local train station, the taxi queue lasted an hour; I haven’t seen something like this in any country before, not even at large airports.

We are going back to China in May, to Beijing and then I’ll have more stories about the city and Great Chinese wall.

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