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Exclusive Interview Dolph Lundgren investment to Marbella I made from my heart

Exclusive Interview Dolph Lundgren by Annika Urm

The Mega Success at Los Angeles was in short, one of the most motivating experiences to be lived in the world of business and entrepreneurship. This event took place at the Hilton Anaheim, Los Angeles, California, US.

Yet, nothing can be all business. And, since success has many faces this year one of the focus of interest was the people’s interview with Dolph Lundgren, one of the most iconic and successful actors in Hollywood history. Side by side with other legends like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Lundgren's breakthrough came in 1985 when he starred in Rocky IV as the imposing Soviet Union boxer Ivan Drago.
Lundgren's breakthrough came in 1985 when he starred in Rocky IV as the imposing Soviet Union boxer Ivan Drago.

Dolph Lundgren and her ex-wife Anette Lundgren choose Marbella city in Spain as their home. Dolf and Anette Lundgren got Married in Marbella and had an after-party at Marbella most legendary place Suite Night Club at Puente Romano. Also, the couple decides to raise their two children Ida Lundgren and Greta Lundgren in Marbella, Costa del Sol, South of Spain. 

Anette Lundgren and Dolph Lundgren
Anette Lundgren and Dolph Lundgren

Annika Urm had to go long way to California, Los Angels, the US to get an exclusive interview with Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren, who actually has a very nice family in our own town Marbella. 

Dilly and Dolph Lundgren at Boxing class in Marbella
Dilly and Dolph Lundgren at Boxing class in Marbella
Annika Urm: I go with Dolph ex-wife and children Anette and Ida to same Boxing training with legendary Dilly, also Dolf himself goes there.  And I really like and meet often Dolf family in different Marbella social private and public events.
Annika Urm, Dilly, Ida Lundgren Marbella
Annika Urm, Dilly, Ida Lundgren Marbella
In 2009 Marbella Townhall officially appointed actor Dolph Lundgren, best known for his role as Russian Boxer Ivan Drago in the Hollywood Blockbuster “Rocky IV” as Ambassador for Marbella. Mayor Ángeles Muñoz commented that it was “a true privilege that well-known figures such as Dolph Lundgren, who could have chosen any town to live in, decided to make ours his home”
Anette Lundgren, Dolph Lundgren in Marbella with Mayor Ángeles Muñoz
Anette Lundgren, Dolph Lundgren in Marbella with Mayor Ángeles Muñoz
You can see some Lundgren family social events on online magazine here: 

1. Anette’s and Bea’s Pop-Up Store @ Kasser Rassu: Gallery

2. Derek Edmond and Geoff Whittaker Hosted Hottest Lunch Party at Villa Moana Birthday Party

Who is Dolph Lundgren?

He is a multifaceted professional actor, producer, and director who is also good at martial arts. And by good we mean he has a 6 Dan Black belt in Karate + a 2 Dan Black belt in Judo.

His first cinematic success came as an actor when he played the role of Yvan Drago, the Russian boxer and main antagonist of Rocky IV in the late 80s. He was also worked in over 40 movies, most of them at the great level of “Showdown in Little Tokyo”, “Aquaman” and “The Expendables”.

Furthermore, he has been treated in this event as an example of success, both for his career development and his constant financial growth. 

Now, at i-Marbella we bring you part of the amazing interview set by Dolph Lundgren and the businessman & woman who participated in the JT Foxx Mega Success event:

1. You have a successful acting career. But why have you invested to create wealth for yourself and your family? 

Dolph: Ok, I haven’t been the best investor in the world and I think some of you guys could help me. 

I just work a lot and some of the investments I have made in properties because I went to NY, Spain, London and Sweden and I lived in many places in the world and those “investments” weren’t really investments, just nice properties in good locations and I was fortunate to get them sold on twice or even three times their value. 

I think those were my best investments, but I have to say I am more a spender, unfortunately. I need to change my ways, I’m trying! 

2. What was your drive, besides your family, to be so successful?

Dolph: It is not the money, in my case, it has something to do with proving myself I guess. 

It is probably because when I was little my dad was kind of mean to me and made me not believe in myself and somehow I’m ever since trying to prove to myself that I’m worthy of success. I feel that I owe this little boy who is treated badly to show him that “You are somebody special”. 

And that is the best of the show business, in showbiz other people let you know. The fact that I’m here is great for me, is wonderful. 

3. Having such a great career you probably made the right decisions, do you have any regrets?

Dolph: That’s an essential part of my thinking you know because I have to know how to use time. I want to stay fit, I don’t want to work too much I want to be with my kids but still, I have to make a living and keep running my business. 

You have to make some choices along the road, sometimes you have to give something up. So I think that the most important thing is balance so I do everything trying to keep like a slow curve but always upwards and I take my time to do things right. 

Regrets would be… I try to not have any regrets you know. I started therapy too early maybe but I think I don’t have any regrets, everything happens for a reason. 

4. What has been your biggest professional or investment failure? 

Dolph: You know depending on how you see things, they are not a problem but an opportunity. For example, I bought a house 20 years ago in Spain, Marbella and I put a lot of money to it, then a few years ago I got divorced and you could say it was a bad investment but I did enjoy it and my kids had a great time in there and they had a wonderful life so I’d say it was worth it. 

So maybe if I spent all that on the house of Beverly Hills it would worth 5 times that afterwards. But Spain was great, my kids love it and that is good for meSo, what I say is that it was a quality of life, an investment I made for my heart.

You have to look at it that way, look the glass as half full instead of half empty and try to be fair with life too. 

Dolph Lundgren with her two daugthers Ida Lundgren and Greta Lundgren
Dolph Lundgren with her two daugthers Ida Lundgren and Greta Lundgren

5. Have you ever feel fear or anxiety about if everything will work out well or not?

Dolph: You get a lot of excitement in the back of your head, especially when you have to work in a big role. Like for example, I got to be Drago again last year for Creed 2 and I that I was aware of how to do it but didn’t know if I could use the character as a bad guy a little I just wasn’t 100% sure. 

6. You are a smart guy, but so much of your career got there because of your muscle. Is that over personal choice or just something that came to you?

Dolph: It’s funny because I went 5 years to college, did a master’s in chemical engineer; got an MIT scholarship and then I played a lot of morons with only muscle. I still try to figure it out but I guess that’s a part of me, I was a kid and I wanted to show off; I had a great physical and trained a lot. 

It is still weird to me, and I think that slowly I have been able to play more roles in the human part of the character. Very recently though, I got to play movies about forgiveness and redemption, like Creed 2, this new series is more about the personality and much less about the muscle. 

But you know, it is a visual media, filming, so if you have a good look, which I did, then that is your first step. And I didn’t have any acting experience; I had to learn on the job. Then I see here this introduction of me and say “holy shit did I do all of that? Who is that guy?”

7. What is your definition of professional success? 

Dolph: I’m very hard on myself which is why I’m working on recently, to give myself some credit. This is something mental. Before showing compassion to anyone, the first person you have to show it is yourself. 

So, I started to feel successful very recently. There are always people telling me “hey you did this, you did that” and I was like “no, not really, I still have a lot to do”.

I always look up to the future and I feel that I want to live it. I want to feel young and stay fit and feel that I still have a future ahead of me so I don’t think that I have accomplished everything that I want. I do feel a bit successful but feel that I have a lot to do. 

8. What do you do now that keeps you healthy, gives you energy and keeps you on a high level of fitness?

Dolph: Firstly, I try to use my head a little more. I’m not as stupid as I was when I was younger. When I was younger I would tackle any challenge. So, if you challenged me to a workout and I know you are 20 years old and I’m 40 I would have been sure I’d beat you. Now I would think twice because I know there is a bad kickback from that, so my workouts now are more quality and less quantity. 

Furthermore, I do specific workouts, avoid damage and go to a chiropractor, get physiotherapy. So U get adjustments, I have gone vegan for three weeks. So I think that as you grow old you have to take all the tricks out of the bag to stay fit as you get older but it is possible. 

I mean, Stallone is what? 73 and when he was 40 he looked the same shape. 

You have succeeded in so many fields in your life. How do you become a better you all the time? 

I guess that I’m just willing to serve better myself. If I had a bad day, a movie didn’t go well or something goes bad businesswise; it makes you feel kind of bad for a moment but you got to seek revenge, not from the persons involved but from the fact that turned you down.

I know for a fact that if you keep coming back, like Rocky “for another round”, things will go well. So just make sure to get a rematch. 

9. What experience are you looking for when you go on vacation? 

Dolph: To sleep a lot, lay on the beach… I’m not much for the adventure thing. I train a lot in the gym every day so I’m looking for very relaxing experiences when I get free time. So, I go to places like Bora Bora, Saint Martins. I do like to get in touch with nature in that way. 

So, exactly the opposite that in your movies? 

Yeah! Just the opposite of living in Hollywood also!  

10. What keeps you motivated when having a career as an actor for over 30 years? 

Dolph: Well, I have a divorce to pay off. The divorce, ex-girlfriends… I think is to see what I can accomplish in my life. So I have been doing this for 30 years, I’m getting a little older and going to be 40 soon. I’d like to see how much I can squeeze out of this life. 

 When I was little in Sweden in this small town and I started learning German and English and started to travel.

Then I moved to America and I wanted just to do as much in this life as I could. So I think I’m not much fun of beating other people, I’m just trying to get as much from my life and what I was given by the universe. 

11. You have had a coach or two during your career. What makes a good one? 

Dolph: I think it has to do more with believing in yourself. A good coach has to be able to make you look at your talents while also let you go and fight your fights. So you have to find someone who allows you to polish your strengths but also be aware of the weaknesses. 

And also, he should be able to give you positive feedback, to allow you to believe in yourself. A big part of success comes from believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

So I was a kid and I see you in Rocky 4 and see all that tension within you and Rocky and then I see in the news that it was true, that you guys didn’t get along. But later on, I see you in “The Expendables” and I’m wondering, 

12. How do you guys blend in “the expendables” group? 

Dolph: Stallone is a big guy you know, I was a kid he got me the job. Most people know this story, I sort of beat him up at that time. So we made the movie and I didn’t see him in a while. Then 30-40 years later he calls me and tells me “hey” you should check this out” and it was “The Expendables”.

So I worked with him with 25 years in between and the last time I remember getting there with my suit and all the business look and seeing him back there with this little hat and converse sneakers and he tells me “where have you been?” 

And I think “What happened? 37 years” we had all that grain rivalry in our followers but I think we always got along. There was some good chemistry, we are still good. 

Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone
Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone


13. What % of those great action scenes did you perform? Not before “The Expendables”, that was very different. 


Dolph:  You are right, it was very different. Back in the day, you had to fight. When filming movies like “Rocky IV” you had to get ripped and fight. If you wanted blood to come out of your mouth you had to take the hit and spit the blood-water in the adequate direction until it came outright. There was no CGI. 


But in “Aquaman” instead, I did a lot of the acting, of course, but some of the action had added effects. And suddenly I’m looking and say “Wow! Did I do that?”


“The Expendables” is a little bit like that. There I still do a lot of the fights and shooting scenes, I did a lot of the stunt acting back in my day. I remember doing a motorcycle jump in Africa, which is very dangerous. Now I don’t that. 


I think that movies had evolved do be easier for the actors. Back in the 90s, you were tied to wire if you wanted to fly, now technology makes things safer than before. 


14. How do you deal with fear and exposure?


Dolph: I think I like that. When it comes to fighting you have to get out there and get ass kicked in front of the whole audience and your friends and family. It is not so nice. But the worst outcome is that you lose the fight and get knocked out but I always enjoyed that somehow. 


Now, as an actor, I feel the same. When there is a show I have to put out I feel the pressure and that is part of the excitement. My general advice is to work harder. 

15. With your background, what made you choose an actor career over the traditional path? 


Dolph: Ok, my original plan was to study English here at MIT, do business school and then become a rich guy somehow.


I think that it was that when I came to NY I fell in love with this girl, I was insecure and all of that. She took me out and one thing went to the other and I missed a few days of school. Then I realized I liked the showbiz, it was cool. 


I discovered there was something there for me. So I started acting, I took acting classes and realized I loved it. 


16. How has been an engineer helping you as an actor? 


Dolph: Being analytical is not so good for an actor. You think too much, but what I did get is that I was very organized with schedules and preparing for physical and dramatic roles. Being a chemical engineer made me methodic and analytical so that’s good.


But what I have been fighting from there a bit has been thinking too much. But for that I have been meditating so I can calm my mind a bit. You know how they say that if you want to calm glass of water the best way is to put it in a place and wait for it to calm down. 


I think that chemical engineering has been good for me but I don’t remember much of what they told me in school. I help my kids with their math sometimes but just it. 


17. Many successful people like to talk about their legacy. So, what legacy would you like to leave behind?


Dolph: Ok so, I’d like a space in the walk of fame. I think that’d be great. But my legacy I think would be my 2 daughters.


I have 2 kids and I have always been there to give them a lot of attention, a lot of support and to be able to speak with them and get them to speak out with me. So I get my “macho genes” carried to the future wonderful women. 


My second legacy would be something along the lines of coming from a small town in north Sweden. So something of what I made can inspire people to think that anything is possible. 



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Annika Urm, Gary Kasparov, Dolph Lundgren, Jay Abraham, Dr Phil, Vince Vaughn at Mega Success Los Angeles, California, US
Mega Success is JT FOXX networking, and business events as it attracts attendees from over 81 countries and nationalities, the guest celebrity speakers and elite-level attendees keep getting better

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Annika Urm shared the stage with Gary Kasparov, Jay Abraham, Gabriel Macht, Dolph Lundgren, JT Foxx, Vince Vaughn, Moira Forbes, Hugh Hilton, Dr Phil at Mega Success Los Angeles

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