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In memory Olivia Valere-Nightlife Queen of Marbella, she made it all! 133 Celebrities Pictures!

In memory Olivia Valere-Nightlife Queen of Marbella, she made it all! 133 Celebrities Pictures!

In memory of Olivia Valere- Nightlife Queen of Marbella, long and happy life, she has done it all! The French businesswoman passed away in Paris at the age of 75 ( 20.05.1947-09.06.2022).


Naomi Campbell Olivia Valere Marbella nightclub opening 1997, Jesus Gil, Princess Magdalena of Sweeden
Naomi Campbell Olivia Valere Marbella nightclub opening 1997, Jesus Gil, Princess Magdalena of Sweeden

The businesswoman Olivia Valère, the queen of the Marbella nightlife, passed away on 09.06.2022 at the age of 75 in France due to cancer that she had suffered for a year. Valère has died in her house in Paris, the city to which she went after her illness worsened.

Her family was the greatest thing for the businesswoman. She was going to celebrate her golden anniversary with the love of her life, Philippe Valere, who has been her second husband and who has never moved from her side in recent months.

Olivia was very thankful for life because she said that it had given her everything, that life had been very generous to her and that the day she left, she would say goodbye with joy because she had lived it all.

Karen Valere, Olivia Valere, Philippe
Karen Valere Olivia Valere Philippe o Hara Marbella 2022

Her family members husband, Phillippe, a lawyer and her sons Arnaud, Xavier and a daughter Karen and grandchildren will keep her legacy alive.

Her son Arnaud Valere and Olivia Valere 2022 March
Arnaud Valere Olivia Valere Marbella 2022

She had been fighting the disease for a year, “working hard until last March.” As was her wish, she will be buried in her adopted land, “her Andalusia, her Marbella.” She is buried in a Jewish cemetery in the area of Casarabonela. The funeral was in Marbella Costa del Sol where she was her home and where she became a benchmark for nightlife.

Last party Olivia Valere at her daughter Karen Valere Birthday Marbella March 2022

The last party just 3 months ago before she left us at her daughter Karens Valere Birthday party March, 2022 at Olivia Valere LOV

The family did the unspeakable in Paris and treated her with all kinds of treatments, but in recent months everyone was clear that ‘the divine of the Marbella night’ was leaving. Her husband, the lawyer Philippe Valere, tells medium: “She had the great fortune to spend the last fifteen days saying goodbye to all her friends, from all over the world. Sheikhs from Arab countries, friends from Argentina, from the US… passed through her house in Paris, and everyone who loved her was able to tell her that he loved her, before leaving. Olivia’s farewell has been the most emotional.”

Olivia Valere will be buried in Marbella: “She was lucky to be able to say goodbye to her friends”

Olivia always said that she did not want to go alone, that the press was her family and she wanted some of the journalists who have written about her in her lifetime to also be with her, to the last goodbye to her. The staff of the nightclub in the headquarters of the nightclub also prepare her particular tribute.


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The French businesswoman arrived in Marbella in the 1984s after having succeeded with a nightclub in Paris. She opened Andalusia’s first Olivia Valère, a discotheque with a piano bar and live music in the Gray d’Albion at Puerto Banús on the 4th of July, 1985. It worked so well that even she herself was surprised to remember it for this newspaper: “Puerto Banús collapsed with cars for the inauguration.” That was how she met many of the most renowned personalities of the Marbella jet-set. It was packed and remained that way for two years.

At 1987 Puente Romano invited me to take over what was formerly Regine’s discotheque in the hotel. I stayed there for nine years before moving on to realize her dream.

  • On the 25th of July in 1997 she opened the existing Olivia Valere, which was built in only 72 days, with 100 people working non-stop night and day. The venue was created by architect Oscar de la Peña and the interior design was made by Miguel Cancio, who also designed the Buddha Bar and Bar Fly in Paris. Olivia Valère turned her nightclub and her name into a brand, synonymous with the party, luxury and fun.
Maria Carrey Luis Migue, Olivia Valere
Maria Carrey Luis Miguel et Olivia Valere 2006
Bruce Willis at Olivia Valere
Bruce Willis Olivia Valere Marbella 2006
Berry White Olvia Valere
Berry White Olvia Valere

Naomi Campbell, a friend of the businesswoman, was at the opening of the establishment. Olivia recalled that that summer, the model “was sad about her breakup with the dancer Joaquín Cortés” and she took advantage of her time at the disco to escape those bad times.

Another anecdote that he liked to tell was when  Prince, who lived in Marbella at the end of the 90s, decided to get into the DJ booth and start DJing. “Customers complained and we had to remove it,” he acknowledged. Better luck had Paris Hilton, whom he hired several times as a DJ and who managed to gather a large audience. That were the parties of Olivia glamoure and celebrities.

Enrique Iglesias Olivia Valere Marbella night club
Enrique Iglesias Olivia Valere Marbella night club
Dolf Lundgren Olivia Valere Marbella
Dolf Lundgren Olivia Valere Marbella
Julio Iglesias Marbella Olivia Valere
Julio Iglesias Marbella Olivia Valere
Tom Jones Olviia Valere Marbella
Tom Jones Olviia Valere Marbella

The Olivia Valere disco has been one of Marbella’s most elegant nightclubs. It’s a playground of royalty and celebrities and housed in a hybrid replica of the Alhambra and the Mezquita. Every celebrity who comes to Marbella can be seen there, dining or dancing the night away. Among these are names like Maria Carrie, Prince of Monaco, George Benson, Darryl Hannah, Barry White, Prince, Camilo José Cela, Sean Connery, Robert de Niro, Bruce Willis, Don Johnson, Naomi Campbell, Chelsea Clinton, Ana Obregón, Zinedine Zidane, Enrique Iglesias, Norma Duval, Prince Harry, Princess Magdalena of Sweden, Mick JaggerEva Longoria, Paris Hilton and this is just a few in the list. The list of Celebrities is endless.  Antonio Banderas celebrated his 59th birthday there with Nicole Kimpel.

lionel richie Olivia Valere Marbella Babilonia
lionel richie Olivia Valere Marbella Babilonia
Joaquín Cortés Olivia Valere Marbella
Joaquín Cortés Olivia Valere Marbella

Olivia Valere woman in the house.

The one behind closed doors was an affable and family-oriented woman, a lover of cooking, who had an excellent relationship with her first husband, Albert, with whom she had two children, Karen and Arnaud, and who adored her second husband Phillippe, with whom had Xavier. They got along so well with her that she lived with her two husbands in the villa she owned in Guadalmina.

She loved spending time with her grandchildren and when she looked back she would have liked to spend more time with her children when they were young. Some children who in recent years had put themselves at the forefront of the businesses following her example, although she never fully retired.

New celebrities

Olivia was still enjoying the night but she understood that it was not the same anymore. In recent years she had seen how the world of celebrities had changed. “Before they paid to come to my disco and now you have to pay them,” she said. She, who had seen super stars like Sean Connery or song stars like  Julio Iglesias and his son Enrique at her house, observed the change sceptically: “Everything was more glamorous,” she valued.

And it is that, for her, social networks had made her lose naturalness and individual freedom. To this was added the pandemic that came to restrict freedom even more: «People had fun more freely. Now there are many rules », she reflected on this with fear that her grandchildren could not be as free as she had been.

Olivia Valère was the woman who was happy to see others enjoy themselves. “Many people who visit my club want to take photos with me and I am delighted because they are happy, but I am more so.”

Sheik Ahmed Al Ashmawi, Neeveen Al Ashmawi his brothers Ismael & Khaled Al Ashmawi with Olivia valere in Marbella
Sheik Ahmed Al Ashmawi, Neeveen Al Ashmawi his brothers Ismael & Khaled Al Ashmawi with Olivia valere in Marbella


The businesswoman wanted to be an artist

Olivia Valère’s dream had been to be an actress. The businesswoman told the media on several occasions how she had wanted to be an actress but she could not be her.

She even recorded 4 songs between 1988 and 1993, the first of which, Cantinera de Cuba, sold 400,000 copies. Each disc entered the Top Ten and Olivia appeared on 30 television shows all around Europe.

Video you find here;

She had a good relationship with television she managed to be on the most popular television programs. Among them, she participated in 2010 in the Rich Women program where the reality of luxury and exclusivity was shown through the daily lives of five women. 

Mujeres ricas primera temporada

Later he participated in Look who jumps! , where she was eliminated in the first place. Mira quien salta

She also attended Saturday Deluxe on several occasions to tell anecdotes about her life and her relationships with celebrities. The French businesswoman also participated in Come to dinner with me: Gourmet edition , where she generated controversy for her life on her personal level. 

Other TVshows
Series de television
Viva los bares


Karen, her daughter and right hand

Olivia’s daughter Karen is a businesswoman who invented new formula in Covid time. She always had a very good imagination. Karen is heir to the empire. “Working with her is fantastic. It is very important that my daughter has followed me. She has a new way of looking at youth and the new world. I am from the old school,” she said in the last interview.


Also some of her grandchildren, like Jeremy, make their own parties at the disco. Olivia was very amused by the last occurrence of her “petit enfant”: “Everyone has taken something from me. This latest event called Pueblo Loco has just been invented, a party very much like Marbella in the seventies with Mexican motifs in which young people have a great time. If I want to continue being number one in the city, I have to look for this essence of youth.” said Olivia.

Olivia Valere was Queen of Marbella Nightlife and also managed to establish herself as one of the icons of Marbella. She was helping bring Marbella to the international jet-set’s radar and made it a glamourous, luxury, party, fun and leisure destination.

Olivia Valere and her daughter Karen Valere
Olivia Valere and her daughter Karen Valere

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