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Exclusive Interview with Cuban Singer Yanela Brooks onlien magazine Exclusive Interview with Cuban Singer Yanela Brooks done in May 2016 by Annika Urm
Boleros, Nostalgia y Algo Mas by Yanela Brooks

Well, all of them are very special to me as it is a tribute to my Cuban roots. Every track features collaborations with legends of international and Latin music, such as Buena Vista Social Club, Jon Secada, grand band of Tropicana Cabaret Cuba, Miami jazz band and many more. But No Existe Melodia is the song that touched me deeply. I composed it 15 years ago, and the music video was recorded at the amazing cathedral in Havana, in which I had full support from Padre Josvany and Vatican as they appreciated the song.

2. What kind of music do you listen to today?As a pianist and composer, I love classical and black music, soul, blues, funk, rock, and, of course, Cuban music. I have learned everything from them, this is my school and inspiration!

3. Where would you most like to perform?Everywhere! The world is my favourite place, it gives me the oportunity to grow constantly, I appreciate the love I have received in all my career all over the world, fans and friends are my inspiration.

4. Which place has been special, memorable to you during the No Existe Melodia concerts and why?

The cathedral in Havana, Cuba. This place is dream like! When I was playing my song there, I felt truly blessed, it was a dream come true. The Louis Vuitton Island in Maldives is special as well as it was a very emotional performance.

5. What inspires you to write songs, compose music, rhyme lyrics?People, fans, family, friends, life. I think there is not enough time to write about everything I want to write about. I feel very inspired when in Havana, New York, cities with so much culture in the air.

6. You have been to Maldives recently, what were you doing there?



On my latest tour, Louis Vuitton Group brought my show to their private island. It was a big surprise to find out that they were following and admiring my music.


7. What are your plans for summer 2016?


Work, travels, recording for the next album, composing, new collaborations, and many other things that I won’t be sharing as I am supersticious.

8. Will you be performing in Marbella?

I already had several private concerts in Marbella. Actually, I received many offers, but unfortunately, was already booked in others contries. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming shows! I apreciate your support and love. Marbella is a second home and family for me, I love you all!

My new album is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. You can also download it HERE!

I would also like to ask for some feedback from all of you, as I find it very important to continue learning and creating the best music for my fans.

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