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Derek Edmond & Geoff Whittaker Hosted Hottest Birthday Party @ Villa Moana

August 2014 at Villa Moana Costa del Sol, Spain at the most exclusive and glamorous party!

Even though it was the hottest day in August 2014, there was an amazing lunch party in Villa Moana, hosted by Derek Edmond and Geoff Whittaker.

Derek and Geoff are both known for their fabulous luncheons. Champagne is flowing and you can eat as much as lobster as you wish! Every lunch is super classy and elegant, already the villa itself is amazing and the views breathtaking. The service is excellent and all the waiters look like football player or models from the latest Armani campaign. The in house baker always creates fabulous cakes and sweets for the guests.

And who are the guests? They are all amazing and talented people and of course very good friends of Derek and Geoffri. Among the attendees were Ahmed Ashmawi, Kira Negron Ashmawi, Khalid Ashmawi, Tariq SH, Miguel Mas, Sheetal BM. Asmae AZ, Athanasios Belitsas, Kristina Szekely, Anett Lundgren, Ali Benikirane, Saeko Hamada, Alesandro della Morte and many others. 

And of course Happy Birthday to Derek!