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Exclusive interview with Horacio Pagani – The Creator of Supercars

Interview has done by online magazine in August 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia at Hotel Telegraph.
Pagani Zondas in Guarnieri showroom in Marbella
Pagani Zondas in Guarnieri showroom in Marbella

7.What car do you drive daily? Do you have any favourite car brands?

Daily I drive a Mercedes-Benz. But I think that BMW is also a very good and dynamic car. 

8. Do you have a motto that you try to live by?

I like the saying “it’s better to be the head of a mouse, than the tail of a lion” and also a quote from Leonardo da Vinci:”If you don’t value life, you don’t deserve it!”

9. When will Pagani release a new model?

The next one will be out in February 2011.

Pagani also launched a special edition – Zonda Triccolore, which is a tribute to the National Aerobatic Team. In 2010 the aerobatic season of the Frecce Tricolori comes to its 50th anniversary. To read more about it and see the special car click here!

To find out more about the fabulous cars visit Pagani’s website