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Annika Urm Blog: Global Gift Marbella La Soirée Inside 2016

Global Gift dinner at 16.07.2016 in Marbella Olivia Valere

The Global Gift Gala Events took place in Marbella on July 16-17th in 2016, and were a huge success, attracting many celebrities and media attention.

I am proud to be helping the Global Gift Foundation with marketing in Marbella.

Eva Longoria must be the most humane and kind human being on Earth.

Eva Longoria & Annika Urm Marbella 2016 Olivia Valere

Eva Longoria, Annika Urm in Marbella 2016

As to Maria Bravo, she is my idol now. Having opened Casa Global Gift in Marbella, I do not know anybody who would do so much for her home town. She is the angel of Marbella, although she has been living in LA for so long.

Maria Bravo has been supporting Marbella through the Global Gift Charity Platform.

Annika Urm, Maria Bravo in Marbella 2016

Annika Urm, Maria Bravo in Marbella 2016

Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) is known not only for his TV appearances, but also for helping to raise money for Eva Longoria and the Global Gift Foundation.

Amaury Nolasco and Annika Urm in Marbella 2016
Olivia Valere global Gift Party 2016 Eva Longoria, Maria Bravo, Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco and Annika Urm in Marbella 2016

We are very lucky to have them here as they are the true Ambassadors of Marbella in the world!

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